Fashion Adviser

Discover your true style

We provide a selection of clothes according to your body's figure and your general style.

YES, we are adding plenty of features and launching a new version June 1st.

You can login with invite only link.

How it works

It's all about data, and we are super into that! To find out what will work for you, we will have to know what you want, and our technology will help us do that. We will use data from the beginning to help us know what you want and what you should wear, based on style, body shape and context of your life.

Problems we solve

"I have never known how to dress myself and never been well dressed"
"I feel like I have never learned how to present myself"
"I don't have any personal style and I'm aware that I'm not well dressed at all"
"What I have is clothes, not fashion"
"I can recognize good taste and beauty in other people but I'm never able to replicate it"
"I mostly slob around in t-shirts, hoodies and jeans because I have never developed the skills to choose the right clothes"

Stay connected

Learn inside tips on personal style from our stylist

Your best friends' opinions are often valuable before the final verdict! We allow you to collaborate with your friends on style choices in a quick and simple way and to store suitable combinations for future reference. Invite your friends to sign up!

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